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New City Recycling Scrap Buying

Do you have scrap metals laying around your house that you do not have a use for? New City Recycling pays out top dollar for scrap and junk materials for customers in the Tri-State area. We purchase your old junk and find a purpose for it. Founded in 1995 and reestablished in 2011, New City Recycling has been a well-known recycling and auto core business to customers for many years. Since, New City Recycling is a one stop shop we offer a multitude of services that is convenient and beneficial to our clients.

We split our company into seven different business units; Catalytic Converters, Scrap Metal Recycling, Auto Part Cores, Hybrid, Batteries, Logistics, Real Estate, and Brokerage Divisions. All have the same mission, for our clients to sell their scrap for the top price on the market. We make it easy for our customers to sell scrap metals by offering roll off container service and scheduled pick-up service.

Top Recycling Business in the Northeast

Along with scrap metals, New City Recycling purchases catalytic converters, hybrid metals, small auto parts, diesel, lights, engines, and transmissions. Prices can vary due to the make, model, year and quality of the car and its parts. Our Scrap Metal Recycling unit collects, trades, processes, and recycles metals that are purchased from our clients both industrial and individuals. We acquire both ferrous (containing iron) and non-ferrous (not containing iron) metals and precious scrap metals. Our company has generated an established presence in the Northeast because of our loyal customers.

We have a competitive advantage over other recycling businesses because with our headquarters being based in Westchester County & New York City we are in close proximity to large industrial suppliers, major railroad routes, deep-water ports, and major highways.

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