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New City Recycling is a scrap metal recycling center headquartered in Westchester & New York City. However, we are a nationally known company. Bring in your old scrap metals and exchange them for cash. We will accept any quantity of metal for recycling, but your payout is determined by weight. So, if you only bring in a few pieces of metal, your payout will be significantly less than bringing in a larger quantity. However, quality beats quantity sometimes.

Insight into the Metal Recycling Process

The metal recycling process is a tedious and drawn out process. First, all scrap metals need to be sorted, in order for them to be recycled appropriately. In this stage, scrap metals are passed through several sorting processes. Using a Radiator Detector, scrap metals are passed through to separate radioactive scrap from the rest of the scrap metal. The recyclables – paper, plastic and glass are separated from the metals. Next, hydraulic machinery capable of exerting enormous pressure is used to cut metals into manageable sizes to handle.

This is called shearing.

Then, feed rollers and hammer mills crush the scrap metal and cut it into very small pieces which is called shredding. After, the separating process occurs. Rotating magnetic drums extract iron and steel from the scrap mixture to separate ferrous metal from non-ferrous scrap metal. Further separation is then achieved using currents, high pressure air flows and liquid floating systems. The separated and shredded ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal are made into compact large blocks to facilitate handling and transportation. This is known as baling and is the final step New City Recycling deals with.

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We then transport the processed scrap metals to steel mills for further metal recycling. Once the scrap metals arrive at the steel mills, they are melted down in a furnace along with chemicals to get high quality raw material. It is then poured into casters and shaped into ingots. Ingots are transformed into flat sheets and tubing products which are then used to manufacture new products.

New City Recycling Buys Hybrid Batteries

New York Recycling

Sell your scrap metals and auto part cores at New City Recycling today. We are a one stop shop with seven different branches of recycling and brokerage businesses. When we started our shop in 1995, it was a one man scrap metal operation and we had no idea our business was going to become this prevalent in the United States. When we reestablished in 2011, we were welcomed with a vast group of customers throughout the Northeast. Since we had a big demand, we decided to split our business into seven units; much smaller, specific sections. This enabled us to ensure we meet the high demand of clients and made it easier to handle the finances within each category. Our specialty, Recycling and Auto Core Business, has become a major presence in the United States. As well as, our Importing/Exporting and Brokerage Business (NCR Global and Golden Tree) became internationally known.

We offer a multitude of services ranging from catalytic converter grading, scrap metal brokering and logistics; trucking and transferring material. Our customers most commonly come to us with the intent of selling a catalytic converter, scrap metals, hybrid batteries and auto part cores.

New City Recycling Buys Hybrid Batteries

NCR Global, our brokerage business, purchases all types of hybrid batteries for rebuilding. We pay the highest prices on Toyota, Honda, Nissan, GM, and Ford hybrid batteries throughout the United States. Don’t worry about the transportation, we got that covered! We will pick them up or pay for trucking to our headquartered facility in New York. Contact us by phone or email for exact pricing. We accept years 2004-2011 Toyota Hybrid Batteries. As well as, year models 2007-2015 for GM and 2000-2013 for Hondas. We purchase year models 2007-2011 for Nissan and 2005-2012 for Fords. Check our website for a full list of all the years, models and makes of the cars we accept.

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At New City Recycling, we put our customers first and money second. We want our customers to have a pleasurable experience so they will be more willing to continuing using our service and refer their friends and family to us. We believe that we offer the best services in the Northeast which is why New City Recycling has become a major presence throughout the United States. Unlike our competitors who do not consider their customers price suggestions, we offer a value much higher.

We take in consideration your suggested sale price and we will try our very best to match it. We offer live and mock buys, grading service via pictures, cash payments and same day pickups unlike our competitors.

Everyone at New City Recycling is proud that we have such an exceptional reputation of offering the highest payouts for auto part cores we purchase. We ship to our customers by picking the most efficient means of transport; primarily via bulk cargo ships, railroad cars and trucks. This allows us to achieve cost efficiencies. That is why our customers pick us for their recycling needs and you should too!

New City Recycling Center

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle at New City Recycling

New City Recycling provides valuable scrapping, salvage, recycling and brokerage services to customers in the New York/New Jersey area. Our team is dedicated about purchasing a wide range of auto part cores and products, so that our vendors and auto salvage yards can sell all their parts for a price much greater than scrap value. Choose us for your next recycling and scrap metal service. Always remember that your business is beneficial for your wallet and the environment.

For any inquires please call (914)-664-0219 or (718)-262-9858 depending on where you reside.

You can also email us any concerns or questions at We will gladly provide buy guides and prices.