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New City Recycling is a well-known scrap metal company headquartered in Westchester and New York City. Our customers always have excellent things to say about our company. We have become a major presence throughout the United States – especially in the Northeast. Continue reading to find out the many services we offer.

Our Catalytic Converters Business pays the highest prices for Catalytic Converters in the United States. You will find no other scrap metal company that pays top dollar for your scrap than we do. If you sell to us your overall value of your load of catalytic converters will be higher than if you sell to any of our competitors. We offer grading system prices with serial #’s or prices based on the value of the unit. As well as catalytic converter de-canning service, where you can refine your catalytic converters through us for a small fee.

Our Scrap Metal Recycling Business collects, trades, processes and recycles ferrous, non-ferrous and precious metals. The metals generally come from automobiles, industrial equipment and home appliances. We ship to our customers primarily via bulk cargo ships, railroad cars and trucks. We also try to achieve cost efficiencies by picking the most efficient means of transport. Fun Fact: The majority of the raw material we purchase is from the Northeast United States.

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Our Auto Part Cores Business main goal is purchasing a wide range of auto part cores and products for a price that both the customer and New City Recycling is content with. Once we purchases the cores and parts our vendors and auto salvage yards can sell ALL their parts for a price much greater than scrap value! A list of the Auto Cores we purchase can be found on our Auto Parts Cores page.

Our Hybrid Battery Business purchases all types of Hybrid Batteries for rebuilding. We pay the highest prices on Toyota, Honda, Nissan, GM, and Ford Hybrid batteries through the United States. Do not worry about transportation because we will pick them up or pay for trucking to our facility in New York.