New City Recycling (NCR Auto Cores & New City Auto & Recycling) has become an established presence in New York and throughout the United States with our reputation of the highest payouts for auto part cores on a wide range of products we purchase. We offer live buys, cash payments and same day pick ups unlike our competitors.

The Following is a List of Cores that NCR purchases:

AC Compressors
Air Struts

Brake Boosters

Electronics; ECMS, Clusters, ABS, Mass Air Flow Sensors, TCMS, Calipers, Racks, and Climate Controls
Gear Boxes
Key Fobs
Power Steering Pumps
Rack and Pinions
Rims; Aluminum and Steel
Tires; All Sizes
Torque Converters
Wiper Motors & Window Lifts

Wheel Covers

For immediate assistance call us @ 914-664-0219 or 718-262-9858. We can discuss all your options!