Sell Your Catalytic Converters to New City Recycling Today!
New City Recycling presently pays the Highest Prices in the market for Scrap Catalytic Converters. Prices vary weekly due to changes in the PGM market. We offer mock buys, grading service via pics, and de-canning/refining services.

Below is a list of our Catalytic Converter grading system. We buy ALL Toyota, Hyundai and GM converters by Serial #. We also buy based on values of the catalytic converter, no grading!

Large GM
Low Grade GM
X Body GM
Breadloaf Tier 1
Breadloaf Tier 2
Breadloaf Tier 3
Breadloaf Tier 4
GM Airtube
Large AC
Small AC High Grade
AC Square 3032
Jeep/Large Chrysler
Straight Edge High Grade
Straight Edge Med 6 Lines
Straight Edge Med 5 Lines
Straight Smooth
Straight T-Back
Straight Edge Reg 10&11 Lines
Straight Edge Reg 13 Lines
Torpedo Reg
Torpedo 3 Biscuits Round Pipes
Torpedo 4 Biscuits Round Pipes
Special Domestic
Domestic High Grade
Domestic Reg
Domestic Mid Grade
Domestic Low Grade
Large Ford/Fishtail/Angle Taurus
Lincoln Set HG
Lincoln Set Reg
Lincoln Set LG
Diesel LG
Super Pre
HG Pre
LG Pre
Import Pre
Small Foreign Low Grade
Small Foreign Mid Grade
Small Foreign
Medium Foreign
Large Foreign
Small Exotic
O2 Straight
O2 Slant HG
O2 Slant Reg
Greenbean O2
Camry HG
Camry Reg
Camry LG
Large Cast HG
Large Cast REG
Large Cast LG
Civic O2 HG
Civic O2 Reg
Civic Sensor
Mercedes 4.5
Exotic HG
Exotic Reg
Truck Bead
Small Foil
Medium Foil
Large Foil
Extra Large Foil