New City Recycling

Corporate Profile
Founded in 1995 as a one-man scrap metal operation and reestablished in 2011, New City Recycling, has become a major presence throughout the United States with our Recycling and Auto Core Business and Internationally with our Importing/Exporting and Brokerage Business (NCR Global and Golden Tree).

With corporate headquarters based in Westchester & NYC, the company is split into seven different business units; Catalytic Converters, Scrap Metal Recycling, Auto Part Cores, Hybrid Batteries, Logistics, Real Estate, and Brokerage Divisions!

Catalytic Converters Business
We pay the highest prices for Catalytic Converters in the United States. We offer grading system prices with serial #’s or prices based on value of the unit. If you sell to us your overall value of your load of catalytic converters will be higher than if you sell to any of our competitors. We also offer catalytic converter de-canning service, where you can refine your catalytic converters through us for a small fee. Please contact us for more info!

Scrap Metal Recycling Business
The Scrap Metals Recycling Business collects, trades, processes and recycles metals; Ferrous (containing iron) and Non-Ferrous (not containing iron), and Precious.
Scrap metals are purchased from industrial manufacturers, auto salvage facilities, auto body and mechanic shops, metal dealers, core buyers, and individuals. The metal generally comes from obsolete machinery and equipment such as automobiles, industrial equipment, home appliances and demolition metal from buildings and other obsolete structures.
Our proximity to large industrial suppliers and major railroad routes, deep-water ports and major highways provides us with a competitive advantage. The majority of the raw material we purchase is from the Northeast United States.
We ship to our customers primarily via bulk cargo ships, railroad cars and trucks and achieve cost efficiencies by picking the most efficient means of transport.

Auto Part Cores Business
Our Auto Part Cores Business is dedicated to purchasing a wide range of auto part cores and products, so that our vendors and auto salvage yards can sell ALL their parts for a price much greater than scrap value! A list of the Auto Cores we purchase can be found on our Auto Parts Cores page!

Brokerage Business
Our Brokerage Business, NCR Global, is a trading division largely focused on the movement of physical commodities. We trade Agricultural and Food Products; Sugar, Seafood, Corn, Soybeans, Medical Products; generic drugs and medical devices Oil Products, Aviation Services and Products, and Precious Metals; gold, silver, and platinum group metals worldwide. We are an entrepreneurial trading company committed to growth in existing and emerging markets. We deliver innovative solutions to serve our customers while rewarding our associates with many different business opportunities. We are also in the information business, therefore, we provide our customers with market opinion, price discovery, marketing support, timely distribution and work hard to ensure that our customers will get the quality of product they purchased. We value our relationships with buyers, end users, associates, and suppliers and try to always live up to our promises and deliver any information or necessary communications in a timely matter. The necessary due diligence is performed on every deal.

Hybrid Batteries
NCR purchases all types of Hybrid Batteries for rebuilding. We pay the highest prices on Toyota, Honda, Nissan, GM, and Ford Hybrid batteries through the United States. We will pick them up or pay for trucking to our facility in New York.

Catalytic Converter, Scrap metal, Hybrid Battery and Auto Part Cores Purchasing
Scrap Metal Brokering
Catalytic Converter Grading
Logistics; Trucking and Transferring material